Love Someone In THEIR Language

I am going to do something today that I never ever do.  In fact, it happens to be a peeve of mine.  But you will understand once I explain.

What is this peeve you ask?

When you follow a food blogger because you like their food blogs…and then they start blogging about something that isn’t food!!  I promise, this should be a one time occurrence.  Here is my story:


There is a BEAUTIFUL woman at my church who has completely dedicated her life to encouraging other women.  She works tirelessly, puts together movie nights and services with inspirational speakers, she’ll text you randomly just to remind you that you matter, and she is known for making you cry within minutes of a conversation starting (the good kind of cry!).  Her name is Marsha.  A few weeks ago, I was sitting at the church blogging, waiting for my husband to finish up something he was working on, and Marsha spotted me and plopped down on the next chair over.  We were chatting, and she began asking how I was.  In a moment of vulnerability, I shared with her some of my struggles of wanting to be a good wife, and the awkward balance therein.  You see, Mr. Rodgers has turned a corner with his eating.  He is determined, and he has a lot riding on whether he gets results or not.  So I shared with her that, in the moments I do have off from work, I start an inner struggle.  The responsible Mrs. Rodgers wants to prepare healthy food so he has no reason to stumble, to clean and do laundry and mostly just cook and get groceries and stuff him with healthy substances.  But the young bride in me wants to spend that time cuddling and watching movies and going on walks and playing board games and doing the “heart-healthy” things with my husband.  Marsha listened carefully, gave me lots of hugs, prayed with me, and told me “you are doing a really good job.”  That in itself meant a lot to me.

However, she didn’t stop there.  Just a few days ago, she showed up at my job with a little surprise.  A HUGE, beautiful basket CRAMMED with mostly healthy, mostly prepared food!  Her reasoning?  She was taking  care of the healthy food for Mr. Rodgers and I, so that, at least for a few days, those moments would be free for me to simply enjoy his company.  She had really listened, and had taken care of a need, removed an anxiety, and invested in the joy of my marriage.

So.  Because of that, I haven’t cooked a lot the last few days.  I figured it would be appropriate for me to change the blog up a bit this time.  This time, instead of sharing a food idea, I want to issue a challenge.

This week, find someone who needs some encouragement and love, and give them just that.  Really listen when they speak to you, and give them something (or serve them in some way) that reflects the idea that you HEARD them and that what they said matters.  Marsha knows that I am a food blogger.  She knows that I am a health nut.  I’m not sure if she knows that gift baskets are my all time favorite gift to give…if she doesn’t, then she guessed really well.  What inspired me so much was that she loved me in MY language.  Not necessarily just something that would make her feel good, but something she knew I would connect with.

Haha, don’t judge me for this, but it reminds me of a scene from Parks and Recreation, when the bubbly and extravagant Leslie is cooking up a surprise for the introverted Ron Swanson.  The whole week he is terrified because of the bouncy-house parties she has thrown for people in the past.  But when the time has finally come, he realizes that she loved him in his own language.  She set up a table for one with his favorite drink, a giant steak, and his favorite movies…guarding the door so that no one could interrupt.

So this week, I challenge you, go love someone in THEIR language.  And please come back and share your story.  One person at a time, we can change the world.