“Ezekiel” Bread Crumbs – A Healthier Alternative!

In my journey to health I have found healthy…or at least healthier…substitutions for almost everything that I find questionable.  But when it comes to bread crumbs…I was lost.  Sometimes I use oatmeal, which works alright but obviously isn’t the same.  I’ve tried gluten free bread crumbs, but let’s all just be honest with ourselves…gluten free does NOT mean healthy!  A lot of recipes can be worked out…but then there are just those few meals that will simply not work without them!!  A few of which I will mention in later posts!!

Now that I have FINALLY figured this out it has opened a whole new world of recipes I can make and still feel good about!!  What’s the secret?! Ezekiel Bread!!!

What is Ezekiel bread you ask?! Well…it’s delicious…and it’s organic, sprouted, healthy grains.  Hard to find these days, cause even “whole wheat” bread in the stores is usually crammed with crap.  But Ezekiel Bread is from a company called “Food For Life.”  Just the name goes to show their standards in health!  And apparently, the combination of grains they use turns the bread into a complete protein, which I think is amazing!  Anywho, I don’t know all the deets…but if you want more info, click here


So, here’s what you need:

  • 4-5 Slices Original Ezekiel Bread, preferably stale
  • Sea Salt to taste
  • Italian Seasoning to taste (about tsp)


And here’s how you do it!

  1. If you have the time, I would leave the slices of bread out over night to let them get a little firm and stale.  Sounds weird I know, but it’s just the truth of how bread crumbs work.  If you don’t get a chance to do that (or just forget like I did), lightly toast the bread in the oven or a toaster.
  2. Rip the bread into pieces and place in a food processor.
  3. Pulse until you have small crumbles.  Add your sea salt and Italian seasoning and pulse a couple more times.

WABAM!  YOU’RE DONE!!  How easy is that?!  And now you have enough bread crumbs for a few different meals!!!


Ezekiel Bread Crumbs 1Lay your bread out over night and let it get a bit stale, or toast it lightly in the oven or toaster.

Ezekiel Bread Crumbs 2Rip the bread into pieces and place in a food processor.

Ezekiel Bread Crumbs 3Pulse until you have small crumbles…add salt to taste, along with about a tsp of Italian seasoning.  Taste and adjust!!


Now make your meat loaf, or top your casserole…you’re welcome!!  Yay!!!!