About five years ago, I started the long treck from Washington State all the way to the opposite coast, looking for a new life with new adventures. About two years ago, I embarked on a greater adventure than I ever could have imagined, and other than meeting Jesus Christ, it was by far my favorite adventure ever. On June 25th, 2011 I married this strapping fella: Jason Ricardo Steven Rodgers.

As if marriage in itself wasn’t adventure enough, it launched me into a passion I didn’t realize had laid dormant in me for twenty-one years. See, now that I had a man, I had to feed him!! And through the help of Pinterest, Google, and calls home inquiring of Kirkwood tradition…I found myself barely able to wait until it was time to go shopping again so I could plan meals, make menus, and cook cook cook!! I had many people express to me how much they loved following my cooking adventures on FaceBook, so I decided to make them available on a wider sphere. So please join me as I experiment and create…and I hope you, your family, and your dinner table can be blessed by my efforts!!!

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