Anyone Tried This??

Mr. Rodgers has found a new health author, and his info seems really legit. We are planning to try out his paleo-like meals (so you can be expecting some lovely adaptations of his recipes coming soon!!). Since I have so many wonderful, health-concerned friends and followers on here I was wondering if anyone has used his system before??

His name is Abel James, aka The Fat Burning Man!!


And yes, yes that is him…and yes, yes he is posing without a shirt in pretty much every picture you will find. However, the husband has decided the guy has a right to pose like that… He has also decided that we have to try this system so we can look like that too, haha. So. Here is to a new adventure. And with it…many beautiful new recipes I can share with you as I figure out new guidelines, find new inspirations, and continue my journey to health!!

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