Make Your Own Tahini! (The Genius of Duane Kirkwood!)


If you could see me right now, you would see my hand shooting up and waving enthusiastically.  I LOVE HUMMUS!  So delicious.  So guilt free.  So surprising!  Ugh!  Just so wonderful!

My dad just happens to be the hummus master.  He has been to Israel probably 5 times or more, experienced the cuisine, and never been the same.  For years he has been trying to perfect the art…and I do believe he has mastered it!  Me, on the other hand, have always wanted to follow in his footsteps…but my attempts have always been foiled.  Why?  Well…whenever I think to make it, we tend to be at the end of the month with little funds, so when I go to grab Tahini, one of the main ingredients…I would cringe and put it back because of the price.  Hummus would have to wait until “next month.”


Cause my dad is a genius.  And makes his own Tahini.  To make his own hummus.  To eat on gyros.  That he made.  On his own.  MAN!

Wanna know how?!  So you can make your own Tahini.  To make your own hummus.  To eat on gyros.  Or with pita.  or bread. Or veggies.  Or crackers…..?!?!

Here’s what you need:

  • 1 Cup Roasted Sesame Seeds
  • 1/4 C Olive Oil +
  • Kosher salt to taste

And here’s how you do it:

  1. Put sesame seeds in a blender, make sure they reach the blades.
  2. Start by adding 1/4 C Olive Oil and blending until smooth.  If needed, drizzle in more olive oil until it reaches a deliciously creamy texture.
  3. Salt to taste.

IT’S THAT EASY!!!  Now you have your base for hummus….  Don’t know how to make hummus?!  Watch my blog closely, and I will soon let you know!  Because my dad visited me.  And made hummus 😀

See?  You just put it in the blender and blend with enough olive oil to make it creamy!

Tahini 1


Adjust as needed with olive oil, just like the pops here!!  Isn’t he amazing?!  🙂Tahini

Isn’t it pretty?!Tahini 2

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