Mint Ice: Super Easy, Fun Idea

Who out there often falls short of reaching their suggested amount of daily water intake?!

I know I haven’t been doing too good the last few weeks for sure!  But guess what helps me?  Having MINT in my water!  Now usually I will call up my mamma and see if she can send me some Peppermint Essential Oil…cause it’s so good for you, soothes the tummy, and makes it always smell like you just brushed your teeth!  But let’s face it…essential oils are kind of expensive…and shipping them from Washington to New York is a pain.  So I have discovered the next best thing!!!  It saves my extra fresh mint from going bad…it makes me happy because my water tastes like mint again…AND it keeps my water cold!  I love having super cold water 🙂  It’s the easiest thing ever…I am more sharing this blog so you can discover the idea…not for the instructions.  It’s pretty self explanatory 😉

Sidenote:  Do this with other herbs for different uses…and I do believe it will be a good way to preserve them too!  You could do basil for mixed drinks!!!


Here’s what you need:

  • Fresh mint leaves
  • Filtered Water
  • An Ice Cube Tray


And here’s how you do it:

  1. Rinse your mint and make sure it’s clean.  Pull the leaves off of the stems.
  2. Rub your leaves a bit to release the flavor.
  3. Place leaves in clean ice cube tray.
  4. Top with filtered water.
  5. Put in the freezer, leave for a few hours…then use as you please!  Yay yummy water! And though it is not as concentrated as the essential oil…it will still help your breath and probably your tummy too!!!


See my pretty ice cube tray that my wonderful husband bought me at Ikea?  It was only a dollar…and he loves me.  ❤  It’s green!  I love green.

Mint Ice 1In go the leaves…

Mint Ice 2Close upppppp…

Mint Ice 3Fill with filtered water and freeze!!  Great for parties too 🙂  Enjoy 🙂




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